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    Johnson presents not just antievolution arguments but a broader opposition to the "philosophy of scientific materialism" - the assumption (known to scientists as "methodological materialism") that all events have material, rather than supernatural, explanations. To defeat it, he offers a strategy that would be familiar in the divisive world of politics, called "the wedge." Like a wedge inserted into a tree trunk, cracks in Darwinian theory can be used to "split the trunk," eventually overturning scientific materialism itself.

    If you're attacking the very basis for all human science you are not proposing a scientific theory, and have no place in science education. A fine subject for the philisophic underpinnings for science, but that's not science, that's the philisophic underpinnings of science.

    I happily propose we introduce philosophy of science courses in Kansas schools or some variation thereof to cover such speculations, some in which I could share an interest, but there's no reason to fix something that isn't broken, and less reason to break something that works.

    The article quoted above is a fine study in how to destroy scientific inquiry through happenstance and politics. The intelligent design movement should be closely associated with their predecessors who advocated Lamarckism for political reasons, the indirect cause of numerous crimes attributed to communism. Kansas and Ohio have sent themselves on a track to Bolshevik Russia circa 1921, and the rest of the nation must not follow.

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