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    absurd. The ruling from OFAC ..., 2004-02-26 12:59:25 | Main | the 'establishment' in foreign policy..., 2004-02-28 23:10:08

    democratizing the caribbean:

    Haiti's lawyer: US Is Arming Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries, Calls For UN Peacekeepers.

    Or read it in condensed form.

    First such claim made boldly, but who wasn't expecting it? Common knowledge that US military forces in 1994 allowed captured FRAPH members a) to go free, and b) to keep their arms. There would be every reason to be genuinely surprised to find out that the US wasn't directly assisting the present insurrection - which is being lead by those same individuals, one a US citizen. Now wait 30 years for archival confirmation to prove it to your local patriot, who will then insist that, shucks, was that cold war or war on terror, etc, we don't do that no more.

    The only physical evidence brought to the table at present, that I've seen, are US made M-16s reported to be in the hands of junta members, many of whom had taken exile in the Dominican Republic after the 1994 intervention. The DR recieved 20,000 of the same from the Pentagon recently (contract approved in January of 2002 - I wouldn't expect them to have been sent until after the DR's August 2002 signing of an Article 98 agreement protecting US troops from the ICC), and which arguably couldn't have been given to ex-junta members in exile in the DR without US approval. Deniability probably isn't entirely implausible. US military presence in the DR surged a year ago for a joint excercise called "Jaded Task".

    Of course, the US openly funds the opposition groups, which in all likelihood have their hands dirty with the "rebels", and which, likewise, own most Haitian media, which is where you're getting your news from. Seen any CNN correspondents speaking from Haiti? Laughable, the very idea.

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