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    i guess he's not so bad then..., 2010-02-23 19:50:57 | Main | I wonder if he listens to Alex Jones, too..., 2010-03-06 12:22:55

    yes, but:

    At a recent meeting of the Sandpoint Tea Party, Mrs. Stout presided with brisk efficiency until a member interrupted with urgent news. Because of the stimulus bill, he insisted, private medical records were being shipped to federal bureaucrats. A woman said her doctor had told her the same thing. There were gasps of rage. Everyone already viewed health reform as a ruse to control their medical choices and drive them into the grip of insurance conglomerates.

    You know, that's funny and sad, because to be enraged by that they must not realize they've already been driven into the grip of insurance conglomerates who have stripped them of much of their control over their health choices - if indeed they have any choices at all as green recruits to the ranks of the uninsured and rescinded.

    The shuffling of the deck chairs Democrats call "reform" is sort of beside the point, since, as far as I can sort out from reading those who want to pass one of "the bill"s, most of what they do is formalize the status quo, and with nothing but a faint nod towards cost containment simple arithmetic tells us that while you may be legally obligated to purchase insurance in the post-bill future and the insurance conglomerates legally obligated to insure you (until rescinding it upon the discovery of an actual ailment, over honest but nevertheless fraudulent errors in your paperwork), we'll be entering medical bankruptcy regardless [in which, I note, the NYT shifts from simply ignoring the movement for single payer to rhetorically wondering if such a movement might not develop sometime in the future].

    I guess it's sort of the same difference as suddenly becoming enraged that your civil liberties are being stripped away when the clothes came off a decade ago. That, too, is now just a status quo in the process of being formalized.

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