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    unthinkably roundabout patterns in conflict inflation..., 2003-11-12 13:42:16 | Main | From the Dept. of Forgetting Afghanistan..., 2003-11-12 16:13:56

    The medact estimate of 22,000-55,000 casualties during the war, pointed out by Juan Cole and Cursor today, is compiled from other people's estimates of war casualties, namely the Iraq Bodycount project for civillian casualties and various sources for combat casualties which are in the range of 13-45,000. There's nothing new here.

    What is also not new are the health and environmental impacts of the war, which the report notes are "impossible to assess" precisely because "the abscence of reliable data, the failure of the occupying forces to provide full information, and the detiorated security situation which caused most UN staff and many NGOs to leave the country, have led to an information black hole of unique proportions". This is no doubt useful for an administration increasingly desperate to demonstrate progress by issuing unverifiable claims to the press.

    The report concludes that "what is certain" is that the war "caused further deterioration in the health of the Iraqi people".

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