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    unthinkably roundabout patterns in conflict inflation:

    In other words, ethnic cleansing, although the preferred term in Israeli policy debate is "transfer." There is no question that today a strong majority of Israelis find that option all but unthinkable.

    This is a strange interpretation of "strong majority", considering the actual numbers, and so far as "encouraging Palestinians to leave" goes the present policy in the occuppied territories - the "brutal tactics", as the above article goes on to say, that were "unthinkable back in 1985 or 1990" - amount to little more than ethnic-cleansing-lite, a policy that when "posed in a more roundabout way" a strong majority supports. When one contrasts these numbers to the similar majorities that support evacuating the settlements one ends up with a significant proportion of Israelis holding mutually exclusive thoughts in their heads at one time: transferring both Palestinian and Israeli populations out of the territories, which would probably be re-inhabited by caveshrikes. Stemming, I suppose, from wanting a solution and not caring much how one gets there.

    Paul Scham's thoughts on why so many Palestinians and Israelis poll extremist positions are smart on this point: "[Israelis] have long since recognized that Palestinians are there to stay. In my view most Palestinians have recognized that Israelis are there to stay. But the large majorities on either side donít believe that the other side has recognized that." He then goes on to describe the "transfer option" as "fantasy", though in my view it appears to have taken on a rather roundabout sense of reality.

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