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    Back when I was general manage..., 2005-06-08 00:24:15 | Main | mia coverups..., 2005-06-08 13:32:06

    The clusterfuck nation chronicle is a damned fine way to waste a few minutes of your life.

    I've got this funny perception that we could, you know, build windmills and expansive solar sucking arrays and tidal plants and geothermal homes and giant algae farms and have the fucking navy build and run nuclear plants as necessary and diversify sectors of the mobile economy so farms are running off biodiesel and mass transit had we any would be running straight off the power grid and I could go down to z'franks and buy myself a pnuematic buggy to get to and from where ever it is I want to go and globalization could go jump in the soon to be much slower-moving sea lanes and our food system is going to face the exact same problem as Cuba did so if you cared to you could just do something like what they did. The only question is whether we want to wait for successive oil shocks to induce the change painfully or whether you want to induce it painlessly with massive state intervention before the shockwaves hit, and it would seem that we've already decided, so there you are.

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