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    mia coverups:

    Sydney Schanberg hops on the Vietnam POW coverup narrative against John McCain, there might be something to complain about with respect to government secrecy here, but the centrality of the general argument is the claim that US intelligence had a much longer list of Americans alive in captivity than Hanoi produced after the war, as Schanberg describes it:

    When the war-ending treaty was negotiated in Paris in January 1973, Hanoi refused to produce—until after the signing—its list of the American P.O.W.'s to be repatriated. U.S. officials were stunned when the list was handed over. It had 591 names, hundreds fewer than American intelligence data showed were alive in captivity. The American list for prisoners in Laos, for instance, had 311 names. Of the 591 returnees on Hanoi's list, only nine were from Laos. And that was just Laos.

    This is dealt with by Joe Schlatter, wherein the American lists contain enough "KIA/Body Not Recovered" and the names of civillians and foreigners that the discrepancy is made up. Likewise the Tran Van Quang document discussed in the article appears to be a forgery. I should probably drop a note to Schanberg to look into Schlatter, maybe he's just part of the government conspiracy. :P

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