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    patronage and oligarchy are the same the world over:

    we're already aware that as much as 90% of State Department funds distributed through the CPA have been lost to corruption, an $8.8 billion US Development Fund for Iraq evaporating and almost $2 billion in Iraqi revenue stolen from the Iraqis by the CPA and US contractors. But we have good news: the Pentagon's reconstruction effort has been remarkably clear of such corruption and fraud. They've managed this impressive feat by not spending anything on reconstruction:

    The Washington Post article noted that, as of June 22, nothing had been spent on construction, health care, sanitation or water projects, and that more money had been spent on administration costs than education, human rights and governance.

    Subsequent reports showed improvement, with a total of $458 million spent as of the July 20 report, though nothing had been spent on roads, bridges, construction, health care, water resources or sanitation.

    Finally, this silliness has stopped. Someone at the Pentagon appears to have hit on a simple yet elegant solution to the problem. The latest (July 27) report has taken care of any concerns. The column listing expenditures has disappeared.

    Perfect. But a Pentagon spokesman says there are no secrets, and if you ask for the amount spent they'll be happy to tell you. It's now $668 million.

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