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    it's the women who face the brunt of the system - exploited by pimps, agents, customers, police and jail authorities"..., 2004-04-19 11:37:06 | Main | note to self..., 2004-04-20 10:58:47

    Hm. I'm rather taken aback by the vulgarity of the discussion in the comments thread. But Newman has said something like it from the left that I thought was substantially right. Maybe I should point out that the difference in responsibility for the war between, say, a late-blooming liberal hawk (the non-neo-con variety, if such a thing exists), an apathetic citizen, and a sensible anti-war activist inadvertently co-opted by an anti-democratic fringe group and then baited for it, is a minor iota probably worth a net apology or two. People who continue perpetuating converse accidents and straw men deserve good spankings, and I'm not normally one to support corporal punishment.

    Much more would have had to have gone right for the war not to not have had happened, but had these two particular groups been set in proper alignment it would have been a possibility. Now and again if only we could all agree on what to do now. :P

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