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    it's the women who face the brunt of the system - exploited by pimps, agents, customers, police and jail authorities":

    The police have managed to draw a profile of some of the girls arrested over the past few months. While the usual rates for Indian' girls range from $10 to $50, "white skinned" foreign girls can charge as much as $300 to $1,000 for one night, excluding hotel stay, travel and other expenditures. For girls from Central Asian Republics, the money is needed to tide over problems back home such as looking after children or aged parents, given the lack of employment opportunities. Some of these girls are qualified as secretaries, teachers, doctors and even psychiatrists. One of the women arrested in a raid in Mumbai, Irina Guzairova, turned out to be a doctor in speech therapy. Most arrive here on travel visas, make money and move back once the period is over and come back again after a gap.

    For long in India there have been prominent voices seeking to legalize prostitution as sex-workers are considered the most vulnerable to HIV. It is estimated that the number of HIV positive Indians could jump from 4 million today to 25 million by 2010. Prostitution is illegal, yet a flourishing business with estimates putting the number of sex-workers in India at approximately 2 million generating an income of over $1.5 billion a year, most of which is garnered by agents and pimps.

    The argument to legalize prostitution is to see the issue as a reality that is impossible to eliminate. Hence, it is better to provide an institutional framework in order to humanize the status of women as well as monitor health care.

    And once it's legal they can attempt to unionize, start charging rates high enough for early retirement, fight human trafficking - at least making it humane travel time flying business class with compensation, and overthrow the pimping class.

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