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    "unmitigated sympathy for drug abusers":

    I'll admit to it, and I hope that some day this society manages to put together some semblance of a nationwide voluntary prevention and rehabilitation program for nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show hosts - nevermind everybody else - who suffer from the disease of drug addiction. As compared to tossing them in the clink.

    But that's the "hard truth", being as its not merely among "entertainers, media personalities and politicos" that "substance abuse exists in epidemic proportions". Hypocrasy does, apparently, as this is the first inkling of any compassion I've seen from some conservatives over the issue of, as Rush might say, "maggot infested dope smoking FM types". Makes me tear up, it's so heartwarming to finally see it. What do you do if you're not making $30 million a year? Thank the draconian police state that he's rich, white, and abusing prescription opiates: the operative in particular being that he's white. Easy money for Roy Black.

    On the other hand one can't neglect to note that this is "a liberal's dream come true", if only because there's that slim, insifignificant possibility that the guy will do us all a favor by deprogramming that little section of the Dittomind that repeats, mantra-like, "more prisons... more laws... more prisons..." Such cracks in the cell walls could even, on some far off and distant planet, lead to a less defoliated Columbia, but who am I kidding: maybe he already is a maggot infested dope smoking commie calling for an end to the drug war.

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