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    bursting forth..., 2006-12-01 12:21:26 | Main | but we were so totally not in cambodia in 1968......, 2006-12-02 16:17:28

    there is no reconstruction:

    we haven't done one of these in while, since, well, most reconstruction activity ceased a long time ago and nobody's got plans to do any in the future. All that remains is uncovering the coverup - no small task.

    The Guardian reports that corruption is costing the Iraqi state $4 billion a year - about a quarter of annual revenues - that insurgents are smuggling $100 million a year in oil, and that one third of all reconstruction contracts are now under investigation. If only one-third of reconstruction contracts are being investigated I'd call it a cover-up. As well:

    14,000 guns paid for out of US reconstruction funds for Iraqi government use could not be accounted for. Many could be in the hands of insurgents or sectarian death squads, but it will be almost impossible to prove because when the US military handed out the guns it noted the serial numbers of only about 10,000 out of a total of 370,000 US-funded weapons, contrary to defence department regulations.

    Well duh, the US-trained and armed Iraqi police are the death squads.

    Additionally: "$9bn in Iraqi oil revenues could not be accounted for. The cash was flown into the country in shrink-wrapped bundles on military transport planes and handed over by the ton to Iraqi ministries by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)" [as noted], which is close to half the $20 billion remaining in the UN escrow account from the sanctions period. This is old news, what's notable is that apparently 0 progress has been made in accounting for it.

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