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    The predilection of some (most?) people for trying to identify some particular trivial but unique genetic sequence that restores humanity to its rightful place at the center of the universe is like a cosmologist who thinks solving the dark energy problem is going to restore Christ to dominion over man's soul. It's a very 18th century sort of preoccupation:

    Prof Svante Paabo confirmed that Neanderthals shared the FOXP2 gene associated with speech and language in modern humans.

    It's pretty neat, I think, how completely ordinary humanity is in the scheme of an otherwise rather implausible universe.

    The draft genome can give us clues to the genetic regions which make us "uniquely human", Prof Paabo told BBC News.

    By narrowing down one more item in the long list of things long held to make us unique that turned out not to be unique after all. If only we still had immortal souls to lift us up from the common riffraff the taxonomy would be so much less troublesome.

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