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    The journalist as property:

    Eugene Volokh writes, in reference to the Hartford Courant's (hereafter referred to as "the Company") ordering a journalist to cease independently publishing materials the Company wasn't interested in purchasing itself, that "the newspaper ought to have the legal right to do this".

    Utterly absurd. The Company's entire professional profile is a result of it's employment of journalists (hereafter referred to as "wage slaves") like Denis Horgan, it has unilaterally created a parallel journalistic universe from the work of its wage slaves by buying the right to alter reporting on the institutions that its wage slaves cover under its editorial oversight, in effect purchasing the right to profit from, rewrite, and selectively publish wage slaves' written work. This contract makes the wage slaves vulnerable to censorship when their employment is threatened if they act in accord with the free market and publish outside the confines of the Company such work as the Company isn't interested in purchasing itself.

    The treatment of presumably free men and women as property, to be owned and controlled even outside the strictly professional relationship between the Company and the wage slave, makes wage slavery little more than overtime indenturement. Unless there's an actual exclusivity clause in the wage slavery contract this kind of behavior by the Company should have no legal basis, and such exclusivity clauses should have legal restrictions.

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