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    thank you, oh Senate, for this holy amendment.:

    Some narrow minded folks are complaining that the $15,000 home purchase tax credit (10% of purchase price, no income restrictions, must be primary residence for 2 years or tax credit is forfeit, so you're stuck with the ~20% price decline that lay ahead) won't stimulate the economy. Let us count the ways!

    1. The poor illegal immigrants you hire to move your crap will be back to work. Mexico can wait!
    2. Cardboard box manufacturers will be back in paydirt.
    3. So will bubbly packaging wrap paper producers.
    4. When you're too cheap to hire illegal immigrants to move your stuff, you'll still be taking your friends and family out for beer and pizza for helping you move.
    5. Rental trucks may not be able to keep up with demand from both all the foreclosures, pink slips, and people moving down the block just to collect the handout.

    I can't think of anymore. Oh, I guess mortgage brokers will be back in business, huh? I was really worried about them!

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