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:: posted by buermann @ 2005-11-07 10:51:22 CST | link

      I think you're forgetting about all those people that Chavez has jailed! And he's Spanish, which makes him a dictator even if he isn't!

      Damn kooky wingnuts trying to deal honestly worth the world!

      Ah, the limits of mainstream liberalism.

      (Okay, this probably doesn't belong here. But whatevah, I do what I want.)

    posted by sansfrontieres @ 2005-11-07 11:00:38 | link

      Huh, did a guilty verdict finally come down on the coup plotters?

      If Mr. Chavez were a competent Latin American strongman he would have just 'accidentally' shot em all on the spot during the counter-coup, rather than bother with all this "due process" in a country with no death penalty. He's piddling away his unquestioned authoritarian grip on totalitarian state power! Leftwing foolishness!

    posted by mr.pinochet @ 2005-11-07 12:59:46 | link

      Hello Beurmann...

      I am impressed. I'm learning how to use blogs in class (yes, that's what we do out here in Oregon - study how to use blogs. I know that must seem ridiculous, me almost 30! and all) and now that I understand the various features and how it all works I wanted to give your blog a look. Quite the powerhouse! I'm going to connect your blog to our blog (in the blogroll)...You don't mind?

      (miss you. am I not supposed to say anything personal? oh well.)

    posted by MichelleKing @ 2005-11-07 14:44:07 | link

      I miss you too Michelle. I'm very happy to hear that American graduate programs have continued educating our best and brightest in one of the four essential life skills.

      You can link to whatever your pretty little blog desires, or so says the 9th circuit last time I checked. Were it not for that ruling of course I would try to sue your school and have you expelled from your program for violating the sanctity of my online identity.

      Perhaps you have a local Campus Watch chapter I can contact that might carry the case for me? I believe a link to this blog during an academic exercise intended for the purpose of learning may exacerbate the intolerance of alternative views [1], the mixing of politics with scholarship [2], and flagrant apologetics [3] that so threaten our nation's treasured institutions.


      1. I might not be conservative enough to be alternative, kind of like 'alternative rock' that way: e.g. "hey, we sound just like the beatles, we're so alternative".
      2. Hence the popular CampusWatchers' chant: "hey hey! ho ho! political science has got to go!"
      3. And I'm really sorry! [4]
      4. Oops! Did it again!

    posted by buermann @ 2005-11-07 17:37:47 | link

      It's becoming easier and easier to decode the Neocons' behavior, you just need to read what they say about their enemies.

    posted by Blake @ 2005-11-08 13:02:18 | link

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