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    From the Dept. of Forgetting Afghanistan..., 2003-12-09 13:43:22 | Main | spam spam lovely spam..., 2003-12-09 17:49:28

    new boss same as the old boss:

    at $20,000 per school Betchel Corp., managing a no-bid contract it earned from its close ties with the administration, was rumored to have mispent the money and to have done little more than fix a few windows. According to army investigators "the reality turned out to be worse than the rumors". Iraqi schoolchildren reportedly want cookies.

    The "you broke it you fix it" crowd, a party to which I have mostly been neutral, might begin grasping the apparent reality that the occupation is breaking it further - except for those record oil exports, that is.

    update 12/10: Sawicky adds more meat to the gravy by noting the fact that the CPA is maintaining a 1987 decree banning unions for Iraqi state employees. Previously there were related rumors that Bremer dissolved the Pharmacists' and Veterinarians' Unions. On top of this Democracy Now had an interview with David Bacon, who pointed out that on June 16th Bremer issued further regulation called "prohibitive activity" that "prohibits anybody from even encouraging any kind of strike or labor dispute in any factory or installation in Iraq and threatens to take anybody who does this Prisoner of War -- under Geneva Convention 49".

    There is a petition for an investigation into the recent US attack on the Iraqi workers' federation here.

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