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    war on terror update..., 2004-10-08 00:02:15 | Main | stating the obvious..., 2004-10-08 11:18:51

    new argument:

    I don't know. The liberation stuff I thought was pretty weak, why would we want to go liberate a bunch of arabs who can't speak english and don't have a culture of democracy? And I never thought the WMD argument was worth its weight in salt: if somebody from Texas gassed Toledo we could just nuke Baghdad and Tehran with UNSC backing and solve all this silly hubbub in one solid go. But now Cheney has really got me going on this one, I saw him explain it on the TV last night, and I've decided the cause is just. The war is worth it!

    The new cause for the invasion is "the extent of corruption in the oil for food program". See me or Joy Gordon. Updated estimates of the amount grafted through OFF is 1.7 billion over the course of its existence, this is utterly dwarfed by the amounts sold on the black market with defacto US approval to US allies. Which would have been more efficient: to enforce the oil embargo and investigate the numerous western corporations in bed with Saddam or wage a 200 billion dollar war over Saddam procuring 11 billion dollars mostly through sales to Turkey and Jordan we never made any effort to end?

    But these details aren't our central concern: 1.7 billion is greater than the total amount of reconstruction aid we've actually delivered to Iraq since the invasion, having grafted most of the pre-existing Oil for Food funds through US contractors who did no reconstructing, and having spent virtually none of the appropriated reconstruction aid from Congress on reconstruction. Cheney has made a solid argument for invading Washington and overthrowing the graft peddling, barrel porking fuckholes in the Whitehouse and Congress.

:: posted by buermann @ 2004-10-08 00:44:05 CST | link

      so i guess it was about the oil all along.

    posted by jordan @ 2004-10-11 15:15:58 | link

    go ahead, express that vague notion

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