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    ok, so this is the best argume..., 2004-10-08 13:02:37 | Main | from the Florida State Department Bureau of Afghanistan..., 2004-10-11 11:43:15

    mollusk and lizard show, round two:

    I thought Charlie Gibson was gonna be tough? He let the remote controlled lizard that shoots lasers march right over him. Pretty sad.

    I was watching this debate not expecting a verbatim rehash of the first debate, since I was expecting Paul Bremer's comments and the CIA report and numerous other items from the week previous that battered the Bush Presidency not to go unmentioned by the Liberal Lizard from Massechuessetts. Instead the LLM liberally quoted himself from the first debate's transcript while the RCL apparently had repaired the transmission and delivered the comebacks he wished he'd had in the first debate, making him appear halfways coherent compared to round one, at least when he wasn't stomping around like a killer robot cowboy with an urge to pop the moderator in the mouth.

    This I found so annoying - the LLM's inability to confuse the RCL with some new material and the RCL's inability to stop acting like a killer robot cowboy and the both of them regardless largely ignoring whatever haberdash the other said - that I just stopped paying attention altogether after 20 minutes of it. Apparently the lizards ventured into new territory with a smattering of domestic issues. Yay us. Want some wood?

:: posted by buermann @ 2004-10-11 10:42:03 CST | link

      the town hall format for the debates is even more posturing and posing than the other two stuffed-muppet-garble-fests anyways. its like pro-wrestling. even the audience seems like someone fed them a transistorchip in their last bag of Doritos that recieves signals from the central office. i really don't need pretend these two yahoos have anything resembling kinship with the common man/woman. at least kerry can get everyone laughing about the fact that he, georgie, and the chuckster could buy and sell everyone else in the room and all of their extended families. ahahah. ahahah. "yes, you puny mortals. we own you. ahahaha. you think its funny too! ahahaha!"

      my favorite thing about the debates is watching the coverage on CSPAN. While the other networks roll out the fanfare trumpeting orchestral scores and the sparkling shimmering redwhiteblue title graphics, with dramatic looks from important news celebrities, CSPAN has the moderator standing in front of the live audience in total silence explaining to them, like preschoolers, when it is appropriate to clap, laugh, speak, stand, think, wipe their nose, cough, or even appear to be existing. you want to know what a good audience member/citizen should be like in the face of this highly choreographed media hype? would you like to see exactly what the rules are for the People of this fine and open democratic negotiation of law, policy, government, culture, and values? watch our famous journalists stand in front of a room of adults speak to them like 3rd graders on a field trip.

    posted by ender @ 2004-10-11 14:11:13 | link

      bush yells too much. but i heard kerry speaks french. so it's a draw.

    posted by jordan @ 2004-10-11 15:12:33 | link

      We were supposed to assume that those audience members had gotten past the 3rd grade?

      That's pretty depressing.

    posted by buermann @ 2004-10-11 18:59:49 | link

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