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    michael pollan is a sexist:

    Some time ago Michael Pollan complained that "men have hardly become equal partners in the kitchen", found some scant satisfaction that they're at least doing a little more of it (a whole 13%), and he asked for a new domestic routine, "One in which men share equally in the work". The critics responded that this is sexist and that "his penis is showing" for not celebrating Betty Friedan's ode to cooking with sufficient gusto.

    Today we "find that there are some seriously sexist assumptions embedded" in his work because he never talks about "who should be collecting and preparing all this great local fresh food". 'More men' isn't good enough an answer. Apparently the self-help program that is "the food movement" has somewhere declared that women should do all the work, rather than a few bossy prescriptions they want to force upon good people everywhere - a trans fat ban and an overhaul of the ag subsidy structure.

    I don't think I've ever heard much complaint about high US tariffs on imported vegetables (something like 20% across much of the board) from this so-called food movement, but one supposes - between the effort to align themselves with producers, the locavore concerns with sustainability, and everybody's interest in freshness - that they have understandable reasons for doing so. If one wanted to slight foodies for not trying to make healthier food more accessible, one might start there instead of whining about... what? The media isn't being nice to the First Lady? Well that definitely proves it, "the juggernaut that has become the food movement" is sexist!

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