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    loot loot lootin'spree..., 2009-04-08 23:39:28 | Main | socialism for the rich v. capitalism for the poor..., 2009-04-10 11:19:21

    mace the banks:

    We need a much bigger squatters' movement, but I'm glad at least someone is getting our shit together just a little on that. Take Back the Land's efforts to move the homeless into vacant and as-yet unlooted properties - by the sounds of it usually the evicted family back into their old property - cost about $200 a move-in (they rent a truck, change the locks on the home, screen candidates for drug addiction, etc). You can donate here. I was beginning to think we were too stupid.

    More outcry for restructuring the banks wouldn't hurt, either. I keep waiting to see something from these teabaggions indicating they are madder about 3+ trillion pouring into the pockets of insolvent banks than they are about a few hundred billion in tax breaks, public infrastructure, and food stamps, and it's not particularly forthcoming.

    I mean, I wouldn't have any problem ineffectually dancing in the streets next to some loony wingnut who thinks Obama is going to force him into a fema trailer for communist re-education and anal poisoning - whatever that is - if we just agreed that the banks need to be broken up and the financial sector put back on a sound conservative footing. But I give money to ACORN because they're doing about the only practical and effective thing for regular people to do in this circumstance - organize foreclosure resistance - and these nutsack freakjobs have whipped themselves into such a froth over an idiotic internet rumor that now I guess I'll be maced if I show up.

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