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    Let us remember how it shows the character of America:

    When I read Dana Milbank's rendering of the incompetent prosecution of Lt. Col. Steven Jordan in the Abu Ghraib case I figured it was all a bit of a set up. Sgt. Sam Provance of the 302nd Military Intel Battalion, one of the witnesses listed in the Taguba Report, apparently agrees, sort of, he "cannot tell whether the Army is deliberately oblivious to my potential input or that it is simply not taking these things seriously."

    When Maj. Gen. Taguba’s Abu Ghraib investigation report was leaked to the press on May 4, 2004, I was very surprised to find myself listed as the only military intelligence soldier to witness to the truth. And for my conscientiousness, the Army imposed a gag order on me 10 days later; a week after that my top-secret clearance was suspended, and eventually I was reduced in rank.

    Read the rest of it. When anything incriminating you say about your superiors will guarantee you a downgraded pay scale or an early retirement it's hard to imagine how justice would fail to be served. Promotions all around for anybody with a bucket of white paint. They have long illustrious careers ahead of them.

    As Bill Bennett and a thousand other jibbering idiots exclaimed once they got past the denial stage, the exceptions proved the rule of American Greatness.

    Let's remember how it shows the character of America. Yes, some American soldiers did this ugly stuff in Abu Ghraib. But it was reported and stopped by other American soldiers.

    And then they were punished for stopping it. Our commitment to Justice may only make the top 10 percent in human history, but the real story is that at least we're better than teh turrists.

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