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    "In politics, absurdity is not a handicap.":

    I think Napolean Bonaparte said that, but maybe it was an American journalist reporting on the Kadima party platform, which no American journalist has ever actually read, apparently:

    Ehud Olmert, won national elections in March on a promise to evacuate dozens of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and to uproot the smaller, unauthorized communities known as outposts in a bid to define Israel's final borders.

    But after a month-long war in southern Lebanon and as sporadic fighting continues in Gaza, a highly unpopular Olmert has put his West Bank withdrawal plan on hold. His government has stepped up construction in the large settlement blocs, including areas the Bush administration has warned Israel against developing, and the West Bank settlement population of a quarter-million people is growing.

    The latter was occurring even as they were promising the former. This is absurd. It's also the most remotely accurate description of the background I've seen in any of our major dailies, by virtue of the mention of "dozen" (in proposed actuality: a mere 11) rather than "much of", I suppose. Now what to do with "withdrawal"...

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