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    hanoi kerry:

    One is bound to come across attacks on John Kerry similar to this one [*] that feed off continued ideological battles over Vietnam: namely - since everybody agrees that having gone makes you cooler than those who didn't go - the idea that if those who went had only kept bombing a civillization into non-existence it would have prevented the formation of a Communist government, which some hold as the preferable policy option to the idea that it didn't matter either way if there wasn't a civillization left after 'saving' it from Communism. The litmus test for a true anti-Communist, I suppose, is that a leftwing dictatorship is a fate worse than total genocide.

    One tac is apparently to misquote him (used in this as well) as accusing vets of war crimes when he is, in fact, quoting their confessions. A brief glance through the testimony makes it clear that Kerry wasn't exaggerating, let alone lying, about the testimony he heard. The testimony from the Vietnam warcrimes tribunal and the facts dug up recently about Tiger force's rampage agree with the results of the Winter Soldier Investigation. It could, I suppose, be argued that Kerry used the VVAW to advance his own political career. For the accusations concerning Kerry's investigation into MIAs see the MIA FAQ by Joe Schlatter (Colonel, US Army, ret.). With regard to China it's just the same old same old (as praised by Orrin Hatch - how very pro-communist), I can't offhand think of any US senator that supports basing MFTS on human rights.

    On the other hand his rhetoric does not reflect his funding and he's boring to listen to. I.e. he's like most Democrats.

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