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    How's our coup coming along? Dave Welsh - I understand he's the San Francisco Labor Council's human rights delegate to Haiti - on UN joint insanity operations:

    There were two different tanks from Peru shooting in the direction of Bellecour that is the Peruvian contingent that is a part of the so-called “peacekeeping” force in Port au Prince. There was another tank in the Boston neighborhood and another tank firing in the direction of Pele. The cannons from these tanks were issuing projectiles which, when they hit the ground, would explode and anybody who was around there might very well get hit by shrapnel or explosive. ...

    So, it’s a continuing assault on the poor neighborhoods. They come in there, people are being hit in their house, because a lot of these houses they are very flimsy, they are like shanties, they are made of cardboard and tin and sometimes cement blocks. Some are hit in their house, some are hit on their way to work; some are coming home from work. So it is an assault on the civilian population; it is basically almost a genocidal assault."

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