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    grasping at carp:

    I was going along with Jon's joke but didn't realize it was going to bust out into a pre-election blogosphere-wide conservative orgasm that in fact appears to be marshalled by the Secretary of State herself on talk radio and the Whitehouse's office spokesman on CNN, and surely more to come.

    But now I've finally figured out the schtick. I'm not entirely stupid, just really slow. What you do every time this gets into the news for one reason or another, say, Bush has to fumble with a question about AQ-Saddam links, is you send out everybody in a swarm to contradict the substance of whatever the hell the President just said. He says there was no cooperation between Saddam and AQ? Send out everybody else to claim they were in bed together.

    So now they may have leaked some nuclear secrets to, well, everybody, and so they turn around and send out the minions to to claim that it proves Saddam had a nuclear programme.

    Saddam had a nuclear programme. In 1990. We know this, of course, because we helped him build it. Like we helped him use chemicals weapons on Iran, and on his own people. And in fact we went to war with Iraq and helped disarm said weapons programme. In 1991. 15 fucking years ago.

    If I were a Democrat I would have as much fun with this as possible before election day/Saddam's verdict. If somebody had the damn balls to point out that Rumsfeld should be swinging next to him that'd be all the better. Over three years into the war and they are still lying about it. They can't stop. They've got guys now who want to personally take a shovel and dig up the WMD they fanatically believe have been sitting under the Euphrates for the past 15 years feeding the carp. Fanaticism sure is hilareous.

    Check it: World Net Daily is spreading terrorist propaganda! Why oh why do they hate America so much? What'd we ever do to their crappy website?

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