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    don't cry for me argentina..., 2005-08-01 15:43:35 | Main | usually it takes longer for history to repeat itself..., 2005-08-02 14:59:20

    framing nurturant attitudes, or give me numbers I can use:

    how is Dean Baker's education, i.e. the useful contextualizing of contextless information, any different from a Lakoffian "framing"? I'm not sure I see any meaningful difference except that Lakoff is under the proof unseen impression that the dominant political attitudes reflect some sort of internal, binary, neural switch, which is either a gross over-simplification or just a sort of rude insult to make at parties, which leads to his apparent contention that you don't have to give people the numbers to think about so long as you tell them what to think. The budget numbers rather speak for themselves.

    update: Oh, I see: "A meme is the opposite of an idea. Ideas make you think. A good meme makes you stop thinking. That is why a meme exists in a frame. If the frame has put a great deal out of bounds, the meme's job is easier." Emphasis "re-framed". Couldn't let the unwashed masses think for themselves could we? They're just trying to catch up to the game I guess, in the context of the system as it exists, I'd refer back to relevant comments from Thomas Knapp a while back, referring to a different party with similar problems.

:: posted by buermann @ 2005-08-01 16:31:34 CST | link

      Lakoff is a granola svengali. None of his frames will elect fewer Liebermans, Bidens or Clintons.

    posted by Harry @ 2005-08-02 00:26:14 | link

      I'd like to ascribe some importance to the observation that we think in metaphors, but it just seems like an obvious corallary to anybody seeing things in inkblots or clouds. Or anybody who has read a poem and thought they understood it, let alone anybody who wrote a poem and thought they meant it. So the brain can do amazing things in pattern recognition that nothing we've created can do, and it works as well with cracked floorboards as it does cliches. The obnoxious thing about Lakoff's big idea - as a practical matter just studying the poll results like Frank Luntz does for the right - is that it's only really useful when you want to pull a`Big Lie.

    posted by buermann @ 2005-08-02 02:57:16 | link

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