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    fluffles and ker:

    Per the ker-fluffle - apparently still an ongoing and lively field - regarding Diana Johnstone and the Srebrenica massacre in the Guardian: she recently published in Counterpunch "Srebrenica Revisited", and then a response to some of the feedback. I should say, in niether of these does she deny that massive war crimes were committed or that a massacre occurred - if primarily in the sense that retreating troops are often massacred in war. She does disagree that this particular event qualified as genocide - not without reason - and otherwise, like numerous other scholars of the war, spreads the blame around rather more liberally than the typical press account, which is her bone to pick. Some of her sources strike me as worth investigating. Otherwise I do not understand either the ker or the fluffle - as her account doesn't seem particularly contradictory to the history I generally rely on as having some shread of balance - i.e. deals openly with the conflicting claims - amidst the hellfire that pours over any discussion of the FYR.

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