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    those anti-depressants in the ground water aren't working..., 2007-10-30 14:34:23 | Main | the campaign is lost, but retreat is unnecessary..., 2007-11-01 02:22:39

    christo-fascism awareness week:

    AJE has been giving the Spanish government's legal condemnation of General Franco and the Vatican's corresponding beatification of 498 christo-monarchist clergy some decent coverage this week.

    I'm just trying to figure out if the proper wingbat response would be to condemn Spain for being pro-fascist all these years by failing to condemn their own fascism, or to condemn Spain for being pro-Islam by failing to condemn the murder of repressive religious leaders, or to condemn them for not murdering enough repressive religious leaders, or to simply wax nostalgic over Francisco and how nice it'd be to do away with annoying democratic aberrations like he did and get to murdering the real enemy at home that's been keeping "you" from really killing the real enemy abroad.

    Yes indeed, it's been a wild week in Islamo-Fascism Awareness. To celebrate I would like to indicate that the technical jargon continues to make no sense to me, even after many energetic forays into totally awesome IF Awareness. None of the distinguishing features of fascism are present: there's no alliance to corporation, as far as I can figure the radicals are in fact entirely opposed to the very concepts of the modern nation state, co-opted workers' unions, or the welfare state. They clearly have a preference for private charity. The proposed single digit dhimnitude tax for whatever a 'Caliphate That's Not a State' would do is deep into Grover Norquist territory, their tactics have been virtually the same as late 19th century anarchists, and they don't seem to have any concrete plans for what to do after the masses spontaneously rise up and overthrow their oppressors. I don't think they'd know what to do with political power if you hired them an army of consultants and delivered them to the lowest levels of K-Street hell. What has their position been when more moderate Islamist groups have put together court systems and banned the false idolization of soccer balls? Silence?

    If their dream of the future is to run their societies entirely through a lose confederation of independent religious courts with occasional outbreaks of thuggish violence in place of an executive branch, well, ok. Islamo-krytocracism - the proper term for it - both sounds scarier and has the advantage of accurately describing what it ostensibly refers to. Just trying to pronounce "Islamo-krytocracism" makes me want to wet the bed.

    In the meantime the Catholic church is on hand to promote fascists up the ranks towards sainthood. Very timely timing.

    Here's an interview with an old premature anti-fascist:

    The New Criterion published some time ago, actually, a curious essay arguing that that phrase was invented by International Brigade veterans, among other things. For example, by their new criteria the majority of the American public were pro-fascist Stalinoids prior to Pearl Harbor. If you're interested you can read Peter Carroll's response on page 5 of The Veteran, 10/2003 [pdf], he finds a reference to this debatable pejorative in the Congressional Record dating back to Jan. 2, 1945.

    I only bring this up because I am prematurely announcing that I am the very first anti-Islamo-krytocracist in all the internets, and hereby call upon the anti-Islamo-fascist lapdogs of runny beds to get out from under their piss stained covers and face the real menace to world cup fans throughout a small handful of distant, isolated foreign territories.

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