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    bullshit is more edible than liberty:

    qotd from the weekly standard:

    When you and I were born, there were 2 billion people in the world. Today there are 6 billion. Maybe there are only 2 billion real jobs and all the rest of us are being relegated to bullshit jobs, like fun coaches and creative directors. If we took away all the bullshit jobs, our economy would collapse.

    Indeed, we'd hate to lose our bullshit jobs, for our own little slices of the economy would collapse. But for all that, I have many friends whom every time they lose another bullshit job can't help but wake up in the morning much happier.

    Herbert 'survival of the fittest' Spencer I think, captures the essence of the trade off unexpectedly well:

    So long as the worker remains a wage-earner, the marks of status do not wholly disappear. For so many hours daily he makes over his faculties to a master, or to a cooperative group, and is for the time owned by him or it. He is temporarily in the position of a slave, and his overlooker stands in the position of a slave-driver.

    8 more hours of liberty a day feels real good until you start going hungry.

    Read the rest of the Spencer, it's fairly delicious. The Weekly Standard bit too, actually, you can tell the guy had fun writing it.

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