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    abu grhaib in my backyard:

    an America Bush should try to be more familiar with:

    Evidence of the systematic torture of suspects by detectives in Area 2 police station came to light in the late 1980s -early 1990s, when the People's Law Office (a law firm specialising in civil rights cases) identified 65 suspects who had been subjected to treatment including electric-shocks, suffocation and "Russian roulette" while under interrogation. The cases, which were uncovered during investigation of a lawsuit filed by one of the victims, spanned a 20-year period from 1972. Most of the victims were African American or other minorities and the officers involved were white. The Area's commander, Jon Burge, was eventually fired in 1993 and two other officers disciplined after the police department's complaints body, the Office of Professional Standards (OPS), re-investigated the cases. However, no other officers involved in the cases have been disciplined and several were promoted or allowed to retire on full benefits.

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    go ahead, express that vague notion

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