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    a boy named hussein:

    he had his little speech in New Hampshire on cpan just now. Managing editor of the Chicago Tribune James Warren is taking calls on Washington Journal fielding questions about it like:

    Caller: Do you really think people would vote for mix-raced guy with a white wife with the name Barack Hussein Obama?

    It gave me a sort of wistful feeling that voting for a center-left minority for president - especially one with a white wife and, say, the middle name Ahmadinejad - would be a little akin to reaching through the TV, down the phone lines from the CSPAN studio, into that caller's living room and bashing his skull in with a nearby bottle of wild turkey. This fleeting aspiration of indirect sci-fi machismo quickly evaporated in the face of James Warren's poker face as he managed the caller's question in a neutral, fair-and-balanced fashion, like he hypothetically would during the campaign: as half the GOP membership whip themselves into a raving pool of biggoted, conspiracy-infused slobber to be channelled across the talk radio gutter into mainstream discourse as a sort of value-free sociological "question". Oh headlines, is middle America ready?

    On CSPAN-2. People A person in congress actually holding a panel on the ever miscited 'Lancet study' somewhere in a sub-basement. Kucinich. Gilbert Burnham. Les Roberts. Juan Cole. A whole dozen onlookers, representing the entirety of the interest in Washington in understanding the effects of their great humanitarian campaign of liberation. Gee, might just be relevant to figuring out what to do about it.

    Cole: I can't tell you why this constant state of denial stays with us.

    Look at the empty seats.

:: posted by buermann @ 2006-12-11 19:13:00 CST | link

      It was 'people' -- Ron Paul was the co-sponsor with Kucinich. I literally felt a wave of nausea when they showed the attendance. I wanted to call bureaus in DC but realized I had no idea of when the announcement went out or what if any kind of organizing there'd been for the event, so would be unable to respond effectively to excuses about short notice.

      If media people responded at all on the substance, they'd probably say that "we already covered Lancet". Now I'm feeling sick again...

    posted by Nell @ 2006-12-14 11:01:27 | link

      Ahh. Good ole Ron Paul.

      Yeah, they "covered" the study alright, in big piles of steaming shit.

    posted by buermann @ 2006-12-14 11:59:10 | link

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