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art that means fuck all:

Ken MacLeod points out that abstract expressionism and its antecedents were a CIA plot, or more generally a CIA promotion, apparently going so far as to interfere in Pablo Neruda's Nobel Prize bid in 1964. In fairness to this cold, meditated creation of demobilizing cultural work it should be pointed out that American Expressionism was aided by a New Deal program called the Federal Artists' Project, a fancy breadline for mural painters. A liberal conspiracy!

The FAP has been replaced by local Incarceration Projects, involving incidents like the one here in Chicago a month or two ago where a 40 year old black man was mistaken for a 20-something graffiti artist and beaten to death by the CPD. We now beat the crap out of our public mural artists, apparently.

Related items by Annabell Shark and Jonathan Jones, con and pro, may or may not be worth reading.

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