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the democratic party is a pro-war front group:

John Aravosis of AMERICAblog - who "has taken stories that might have been ignored and made them front page" - apparently missed some stories about Haiti. The comments at the post have been redacted, in fact, taking a story that has been ignored and removing it from the comments section of a blog that might actually be read.

We happily note that John has friends that at least don't share his belief that "We fucking saved Haiti".

As to his straight answer: if he doesn't like ANSWER, a point upon which we're agreed, there are any number of alternatives, say groups that aren't fronts or, perhaps, the more democratic co-organizer (we have no idea what the role of ANSWER is, if any, let alone what they claim) of this particular march. Or how about this: as a longtime Washington insider with access to the ears of numerous influential Democrats he could help bring the loyal opposition to form its own frontgroup for public opinion against the war, bringing the resources of the Democratic Party and its cohorts to bear in the interests of the majority of Americans who want us to withdraw from Iraq. He's one to bitch about oldfart hard left commies fronting as grassroots antiwar coalitions when the majority of Democratic national politicians continue to tacitly or openly support the war, in open opposition to 80 plus percent of their party's membership. The WWP frontgroup nuts at ANSWER look almost democratic in comparison.

Regarding Haiti and the continued lack of the barest thread of any informed liberal opinion regarding it Charles has a backlog of fine posts on the Haitian coup, and I filed it as I blogged it.

:: posted by buermann @ 2005-09-19 10:12:38 CST | link

      I found your blog googling something and getting a hit to your timeline. Passed it along to several people at the time who were quite appreciative of it as well. A great nation deserves the truth.

    posted by Diane @ 2005-09-20 00:02:39 | link

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