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    from the department of doing what we do to afghanistan..., 2004-09-01 11:09:10 | Main | costa rica..., 2004-09-01 16:35:21

    your friendly police state:

    also via cursor, bears repeating, a reporter at the cs monitor finally fuckin gets it:

    The mostly young crowd was afraid. You could sense it. But to their credit they did not yell obsenities at the police, or strike out in any way. In fact, all the aggression was coming from the other side, especially from the officer in charge. He pushed at the protesters two or three times, each time without any visible provocation.

    I just have to pause here for a moment to make an observation. How many times have I seen an interview with an arrested protester who claimed he or she had done nothing to provoke the police. Almost always my reaction has been, "Yeah, sure." Only now I was seeing this very situation unfold in front of my eyes. These protesters, while certainly noisy, had obeyed police instructions down the entire length of the street. Now they were being treated as if they had gotten wildly out of control, but they hadn't. I know, because I was there.

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