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    you wanna go where people know/that people are all the same/you wanna go where everybody knows your name...:

    ...and address, social security number, dob, bank accounts, phone records, lovers, dreams, fetishes, and what you did to those flies in your mother's basement:

    [T]his relatively disparate information is frequently rounded up by other data-aggregator companies such as ChoicePoint and Acxiom. Acxiomís databases contain records on 96 percent of American households. Its newest customer intelligence database, InfoBase-X, includes 199 million names and can draw on 1,500 "data elements" to help companies market to potential customers, including "Life Event, Buying Activity, Travel, Behavior, Ethnicity, Lifestyle/Interests, Real Property, Automotive and more."


    We donít know what information is being collected about us, whom itís being shared with, what itís being used for, or where itís being held. As companies and the government collect more and more data on us, some of it will inevitably be incorrect, and the effect of those errors could range from trivial to severe. Itís not a big deal to get coupons for products you donít want, but if a mistake in your file or an identity theft caused by a data breach drives down your credit score, you could find yourself knocked into the subprime-mortgage market. And privacy-invading safeguards donít just catch bad guys. Anyone could end up like Senator Ted Kennedy, who was erroneously placed on a do-not-fly list because a terrorist had once used the alias ďT. Kennedy.Ē

    Privacy is property, in a sense, when people collect information about you you might as well be handing them a check, or they might as well be picking your pocket. It'd be interesting to know how much the idea of me was worth - with so many people buying, stealng, and selling bits of myself it might be hard to put a pricetag on me. And after you pay out, you take on some risk, from stalkers, errant security bureaucrats, identity thieves, or anybody else who wants a piece of something more than just your privates. Fun.

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