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    religion and politics, sitting in a tree..., 2003-04-27 02:06:23 | Main | Some stuff the US government h..., 2003-04-27 16:28:57

    You can watch an anarchista convert to guild socialism over at leftthought. Should be entertaining, guild socialism is tasty. If I knew any actual anarchist gutterpunks maybe I'd already be there. But to blatantly flaunt how revolting I am I'll instead continue to obstreperously rebel against the establishment by splitting infinitives, furthering the steady dissolution of the English language by my rebellion against grammar, continuing the 7th century of this brave struggle against an oppressive archaism. I am more radical than thou.

    Not having ever taken the revolution hyperbole very seriously, which is probably why I don't really give two hoots about gun control pro or con (ai, your hands would indeed be cold and dead, but you ought to have the option), I can still understand where it comes from. Treating "destructive radicalism" as a symptom of "anarchism" is like treating "terrorism" as a symptom of "Islam" or "white-nationalism" as a symptom of "Christianity" or "violence" as a symptom of "guns". Violence is a symptom of rage and fear, not of philosophy, be it political or religious. The latter get bent like paper-clips into the methods people want to use for other reasons. Power and paranoia, disenfrachizement and rage, hand in hand they stroll the lanes, wrecking the human spirit. Not that LT was arguing otherwise, but the point gets lost somewhere amidst a philisophical realignment that's coinciding with a revulsion for anomic and paranoid behaviors.

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