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    it's the third anniversary of 9/11 and here we are fucking arguing about motherfucking kerning. It's been explained to me what it is and I still don't understand it. The nation will be at this task for another week, before the next stupid bullshit starts up. We've shoved our collective heads so far up our own collective asses this time that we'll never pull them back out.

    For fucks sake, the same goddam story about Bush not living up to his obligations was repeated in investigations by the AP and the Boston Globe without any reliance on the CBS documents, wtf do they really fucking matter either way? George Bush dodged a war he supported, John Kerry served his country in a war he didn't support. We've already elected a draft dodger who opposed the war twice, so this shouldn't matter. End of discussion.

    How could this fucking country send men to the fucking moon but not build a typewriter with supercripted 'th's? Times New Roman font looks like fucking Times New Roman font. The military's secondary objective in wartime is to throw money at useless fancy gadgets. In peacetime that's its primary objective. If these are the details upon which the charge rests then anything at all could be a fucking forgery - all you'd have to have done is buy an old fucking typewriter and get to producing faked military memos, nobody, apparently, would ever suspect anything.

    Most important election of our lifetimes my rank ass:

    Bouffard had also questioned whether the military would have used the Composer, a large machine. But Bouffard yesterday provided a document indicating that as early as April 1969 -- three years before the dates of the CBS memos -- the Air Force had completed service testing for the Composer, possibly in preparation for purchasing the typewriters.

    As for the raised ''th" that appears in the Bush memos -- to refer, for example, to units such as the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron -- Bouffard said that custom characters on the Composer's metal typehead ball were available in the 1970s, and that the military could have ordered such custom balls from IBM.

    yadda yadda.

    update: yadda yadda yadda

    update 9/16: And yadda yadda.

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