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    Wouter over at Stand Down directs us to the $1000 question.

    Elsewhere this is a good read - I'm obviously going to think he's taking nothing but cheapshots at the anti-war movement though. Are anti-war marchers supposed to paste 5-page disertations on a 3x5 placard? If you want an opinion in favor of Bush's tax plan do you go find J Random supporter at a pro-Bush's America rally and ask him to give you a detailed analysis? No, you go ask somebody who can articulate it. Same with anti-war positions, and what the organizers and academics behind the anti-war movement have been saying over and over again is "Peace Yes, Saddam No", and there were obvious alternatives to war, all you had to do to hear them was actually listen.

    Early on Stand Down did foster a civil debate, but the noise to signal ratio lately has been derailed with idiots whose idea of civil discourse comes out as "Go to hell all you fucking Liberal faggots." or "Bush is a Nazi".

    The loudest voices, as such, were the least worth listening to. Big surprise.

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