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    would you like flies with that:

    Maurice Dufour makes a powerful argument that the skyrocketing price of Haiti's staple processed food - mud pie - could make them rich, by the magic of comparative advantage:

    While it may seem that Haitians have reached rock bottom, they may, in fact, be sitting on a gold mine. Through the alchemy of comparative advantage, their sludge-filled biscuits could become their most valuable commodity, propel the country into the ranks of rich nations, and even provide a lasting solution to world hunger. After all, the logic of shifting more resources into the production of these biscuits is as "impeccable" as Lawrence Summers' argument for moving dirty industries from rich to poor countries.

    Clever marketers could label the exported cookies "organic" and "low-cal." Publicity campaigns could make favourable comparisons with Twinkies in terms of nutritive value without violating any truth-in-advertising regulations. Bakeries could diversify their offerings: mud pastries, mud quiches, mud rolls, mud scones, and so on. Franchising could be hugely lucrative. Soon, door-to-door deliveries of no-dough donuts could displace Dunkin' Donuts' delicacies. To steal market share from the famous franchise, marketers could mimic the name of the chain: how about “"Muck-in-Donuts"? Sales experts from McDonald’s could be brought in to coach vendors on the correct way of saying, "Would you like flies with that?"

    It’s a win-win situation, really.

    Read the rest.

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