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    90% of Americans not entirely ..., 2005-12-02 11:33:50 | Main | "Once thwarting terror was a surgical operation. Today it is an HMO."..., 2005-12-02 13:27:21

    would the wapo care to explain:

    how the Bush Administration's utterly mindless contempt for Democracy was predictable? Did the WaPo ever predict it while it was shilling out for the administration - a bribed Iraqi journalist couldn't have done it better? Why do they otherwise continue seriously pontificating on how to succeed in our noble mission of spreading democracy if this contempt is predictable?

    "But saying it was predictable makes it no less loathsome and damaging to find that the Bush administration has treated the Iraqi press, the Iraqi people and the very idea of Iraqi democracy with even greater contempt."

    But maybe it shouldn't be surprising when the Editors get up on their moral high horse when they haven't got a leg to stand on themselves.

    update: Cockburn:

    On the business of paid placement of stories in the Iraqi press there's been some pompous huffing and puffing in the US among the opinion-forming classes about the dangers of "poisoning the well" and the paramount importance of instilling in the Iraqi mind respect for the glorious traditions of unbiased, unbought journalism as practised in the US Homeland. [Insert Name Here], tranquil in the face of torture, indiscriminate bombing and kindred atrocities, yelped that the US instigators of this "all-the-news-that's fit-to-buy" strategy should be fired.

    Actually, it's an encouraging sign of the resourcefulness of those Iraqi editors that they managed to get paid to print the Pentagon's handouts. Here in the Homeland, editors pride themselves in performing the same service, without remuneration.

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