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    Winter Soldiers:

    high time for Kerry to have his words spit back at him:

    Gradually [Marine Jeffrey Lucey] talked about what he had seen and done, including the routine killing of children and the elderly. One incident particularly disturbed him: he told his family that he had been ordered to shoot two unarmed Iraqi men, about his age. "He looked in their eyes," said his father Kevin, "and wondered if they had families. They were just terrified." At point-blank range, Jeffrey told his father, he pulled the trigger. When Lucey died, he had the identification ("dog") tags of the two Iraqis around his neck. ....

    When the U.S. Army took Baghdad, [Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey]'s unit had been ordered to shoot at a demonstration against the U.S. occupation. When Paul Rockwell of War Times asked Massey who had given the order to shoot at the protest, he said: "Higher command. We were told to be on the lookout for civilians because a lot of fidayeen and the Republican Guards had tossed away uniforms and put on civilian clothes and were mounting terrorist attacks on American soldiers. The intelligence reports that were given to us were basically known by every member of the chain of command. The order to shoot the demonstrators, I believe, came from senior government officials including intelligence communities within the military and the U.S. government."

    And more.

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