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    "Of what appreciable value is it to any man, as an individual, that he is allowed a voice in choosing these public masters? His voice is only one of several millions."..., 2008-01-02 19:03:22 | Main | Um, if Bush neither vetoed nor..., 2008-01-03 10:40:27

    why we should read old back issues of The National Review:

    The song goes:

    To my knowledge there is just one man
    That's really a true American 
    That's George Lincoln Rockwell
    I know for a fact he hates commies 
    Cuz he picketed the movie Exodus

    Just an obscure cultural artifact of some insignificance, I think I even flexed my google-fu at it one day to no effect. The story, far as it goes, goes:

    At the same time, National Review did an editorial about the attempt of George Lincoln Rockwell, the head of the American Nazi party, to speak in New York city. The editorial criticized the "mob of Jews who hurled insults at him. Some lunged at him, and were kept from Rockwell's throat only by a cordon of policemen. Are we 'against' the Jews whose pressure kept Rockwell from exercising his constitutional right to speak, and who would, if given the chance, have beat him bloody? Of course." But the editorial admirable defence of "the constitutional right to speak" had a limit; a paragraph later the editors are criticizing the civil rights movement for their "theatrical" challenge to white supremacy in the south, a response which was "met, inevitably, by a spastic response. By violence." (This editorial, quoted by Novick, is from the June 3, 1961 issue of National Review). In effect, the editors were arguing that civil rights protesters in the south were as provocative as American Nazis marching in a Jewish neighbourhood in New York (with the violent response of white southerners receiving considerably more sympathy than those of Jewish counter-protestors). Itís worth noting that George Lincoln Rockwell had a slight connection with National Review: before becoming a Nazi he had been commissioned by the magazine to promote its profile among college students.

    I'm glad somebody's cleared that up for me. But the reason you should read old back issues of The National Review is probably for the lascivious entendres about Mussolini's "massive, handsome head".

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