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    Why I Left Catholicism, Ad Infinitum:

    I had some hope when they finally apologized, sort of, for stringing Gallileo up. I thought liberation theology was more positive than negative, as compared to collaborating with, and defending to the grave, Pinochet. Somewhere along the line, in any case, I just began feeling absurd for professing faith in something nobody could actually define, so not knowing what it was that I was professing faith in anyway I vacated my post in the heckler's balcony over the helm of the religious enlightenment for atheism, and now profess my sincere apathy in the undefinable, in preference for something more intrinsically clear cut.

    Even so, lately the ring-leaders of my old hearth of worship are looking more and more like a perverted death cult: at the moment the Vatican is saying that condoms don't protect against HIV. I was hoping the Church would have had at least gotten past evangalizing clergy-assisted suicide for the powerless, but then they're set up to make Mother Theresa a Saint, so I suppose that was dumbly unfounded. I remember reading something to the effect that abberations in the vulcanization process can occasionally create gaps in the rubber large enough to allow the virus to pass through, but the risk was on the order of hundreths of a percent. That's a far cry from "ineffective", let alone claiming that condoms are laced with HIV.

    This is the kind of thing you get when you found a missionary religion based on the worship of the suffering of others, I suppose. And then there's this guy, performing hokey miracles for Associated Press cameras:

    Plus: The largest study yet conducted finds 'Power of Prayer' is powerless

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