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    crises peak, go unreported..., 2004-08-19 09:16:42 | Main | globalize this! links to a bun..., 2004-08-19 22:57:26

    who commands what anyway:

    The LA Times:

    In Najaf where clashes flared even after Sadr issued his offer U.S. military planners said they had no plans to scale back or change direction unless instructed by the Iraqi government.

    Or the New York Times:

    Acting without the approval of the Pentagon or senior Iraqi officials, the Marine officers said in recent interviews, they turned a firefight with Mr. Sadr's forces on Thursday, Aug. 5, into a eight-day pitched battle. ...

    The governor, Adnan al-Zurfi, an Allawi appointee, refuses to confirm having given the green light, although American commanders in Baghdad cited his commands repeatedly as the political cover for the Marine attack. ...

    Usually, the police are an easy mark, but this time, the White House official said, "they shot back" and called for American reinforcements. When the militiamen pushed forward a third time, about 7 a.m., American commanders in Baghdad said, the governor, Mr. Zurfi, called for American reinforcements.

    American intelligence officials monitoring Mr. Sadr said he then summoned reinforcements from around the country, and Ambassador John D. Negroponte, the top American official in Iraq, "decided to pursue the case," one official said.

    We don't seem to really know whether or not there was a green light given by an Iraqi official, but I rather suspect, since it was merely 'political cover' for an overextended campaign, that it didn't really matter either way.

    Edenbaum is erudite today: "we have given Allawi permission to give us permission to attack". Cute how the kids play together, lil'Rummi and lil'Allawi. Should be moved to a smaller sandbox with bars.

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