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    where's raed?:

    I was just watching this bit on base building in Iraq and saw the subject of salam pax's old blog (actually, salam hasn't posted in a while...) pop up on the video. A name with a face, after all this time. After a brief google I was very happy to learn that Raed was one of the few Iraqis to actually be allowed into America - poor bugger got hitched - and that he's already suing somebody. That's a key stepping stone for any new American.

    So there's Raed. WTF is everybody else?

    In an apparent effort to make noise and forestall movement we have created new positions to focus on countering slanderous accusations that our government has done jack shit to alleviate the Iraqi refugee crisis. These able functionaries have undertaken a mission to talk about the jack shit we are planning on planning to do in the future, and blaming older, less dynamic elements of the same federal bureaucracy for all the non-planning allegedly taking place.

    While the US blathers and dithers the last refuges for endangered Iraqis are closing their borders. Victims of whatever ethnic cleansing there is left to be done don't have anyplace left to be cleansed to. Where are they going to go?

    We have a coincident housing glut to fill, for example there's a nice unfilled block of condos being finished down my block. Also, of course, there's all these lovely housing complexes we've built in their country, internet enabled so the internally displaced can lobby their 'representatives' like their felllow unrepresented Subjects of the Crown in Washington D.C.:

    At 16:30 the interesting observation is made that the Pentagon's annual base structure report doesn't include any of our bases in Qatar, like, for instance, CENTCOM.

    At least forward to 10:50 or so. You can't say we haven't shaken human history to its knees.

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