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    ikenberry jam..., 2004-05-03 11:23:45 | Main | abu ghraib..., 2004-05-05 11:55:37

    "What's the point of being the greatest, most powerful nation in the world and not having an imperial role?":

    I know Cheney doesn't embrace the word, but these guys are all endorsing the same policies, so are we or aren't we when the leading unelected intellects of the party in power lay vociferous claim to it?

    No need to run away from a label, as Max Boot said, but sold with the warning label attached no one would buy it, we all know that:

    We thus face a dangerous situation. On the one hand we have neoconservative elites whose vision of American power is recklessly utopian. On the other hand we have a domestic population that shows little interest in any far-flung empire.

    "recklessly utopian"... What the hell is utopian about it beyond the used car salesmanship? They're incompetent blowhards with no respect for democracy or the law. Anytime some loon dares approach such rhetorical flourish as to name their policy as imperialism the hammerheads pour out to nail the poor bastard into the earth, but we're to consider the openly crazed powerlust of leading movement conservatives as utopian. They're not Stalinists, they're merely victims of their own idealism, the poor creatures: like, that's what they used to say about Stalin. Too utopian by far. That's why the census is under way and local elections are going forward at break neck speed! That's why we're obliterating democracy anytime it rears its ugly head!

    Orwell may very well never rest in peace.

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