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    Erm..., 2009-04-07 11:19:39 | Main | and we got high..., 2009-04-07 15:38:10

    we should probably just go ahead and actually cut defense spending, then at least the nation's copy-editors would be writing accurate headlines:

    The Defense Department's portion of the offense budget is being increased by 4%, from something like 514 billion dollars to 534 billion dollars, tens of billions more than the rest of the world spends on defense combined. I have no idea how I ever figured such simple facts out:

    "Pentagon still a cash cow despite budget cuts", marketwatch, "Cuts in defense spending impacts Silicon Valley", abc7news.com, "Gates Seeks Sharp Turn In Spending", wapo, "Military Spending Cuts Dangerous for US?", thankyou christain broadcasting network for leading the charge here, "congress slams defense cuts", reuters, 'Boeing "hit harder" than rivals by defense budget cuts', seattle times, "Pentagon cuts divide lawmakers", politico, "Obama's defense cuts are just right", LA Times, "Gates under fire for deep defence cuts", Financial Times, "Gates proposes US defence cuts", al jazeera, "Deep cuts, new chances for cos. in DOD budget", associated press, "Pentagon Pushes Weapon Cuts", wsj, etc etc etc.

    I wonder why newspapers are going bankrupt sometimes. Not today.

    I can only assume that the increase is a devious plan to make Republicans look idiotic, because of course they would rave about the destruction of Amurka durk de durrr! Need a little narrower spread on the stupid ray, I reckon.

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