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:: posted by buermann @ 2003-10-24 17:03:54 CST | link

      They work, they really work.

    posted by buermann @ 2003-10-24 17:37:30 | link

      beurmann, you ignorant slut, do you understand the fury you've unleashed?

      i went to the anti-war protests in sf today. the organizers claimed 100k, but it looked more like 20k to me. anyway, these anti-war protests... they make me happy, sad, angry all at once. one thing today that really pissed me off today: people shouting 'stop the violence, stop the hate' one moment, and 'long live intifadah' the next.

    posted by jordan @ 2003-10-25 16:23:18 | link

      I never met a mob that could agree, though you would think they'd be screaming for Israel to end the intifadah, as compared to extending it out indefinetly, demonstrating its "willingness to freeze settlements" by carving out more unnecessary lebensraum with security fences and settlement expansions, while some of the most educated women of a society whose homes were bulldozed over and families were slaughtered in strikes against "suspected militants" start strapping bombs to their chests and boarding downtown buses in the spur of the hopeless, deranged meaninglessness of the moment, during which the people who organize the violence sit behind sipping at their religious texts and talking trash about the way in which their next door neighbors worship the same God.

    posted by buermann @ 2003-10-26 22:05:38 | link

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