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    The latest "Chavez is Castro and hates America and he's only popular because he hates America" report is up, describing "popular reaction in the region against the 'Washington consensus' of democracy and open markets". Right, having your economic policy determined by the US Treasury is somehow related to "democracy". I find this really fucking impressive:

    In a recent coordinated set of surveys conducted across Latin America by a consortium of polling firms, President George W. Bush was given a 26 percent approval rating - lower even than the much-reviled International Monetary Fund.

    But see, he's a communist dictator just like Castro, they'll even prove it!:

    Flush with oil money, he is remaking his country and spending billions on social programs that have given him a 70 percent popularity rating. Like Castro, he is also selling a vision of a just political system, even as he stands accused of curtailing press freedom and judicial independence.

    A highly popular democratically elected leader, oh no! He's just like Castro! Fucking beg your pardon?

    We've been ripping Saddam Hussein a giant asshole for using his oil wealth to enrich himself, we could at least applaud one of the very few oil-rich governments in the world that sees fit to spend it responsibly. The guy has done more to promote press freedom and judicial independence than any previous, oil-sucking despot Venezuela's enjoyed in the past. Castro's not only accused, he's a fucking dictator, e.g. press freedom and judicial independence do not exist. The only thing these two have in common is polling numbers.

    It'd really be something if the independent press could just once demonstrate any independence whatsoever before the fact. Not until shit goes south and it doesn't matter anymore do they get out of the harness.

    Buy Venezuelan, it's not like they can afford to stop you.

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